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           AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES  LTD  is based in south east England and provides a wide spectrum of facilities including, servicing of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems used in homes, commercial, industrial and recreational buildings. coupled together with a full complement of quality engineers, our customers are provided with the ultimate comfort and refrigeration value DESIGN & INSTALLATION We can design,supply and install air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems to meet your specific requirements, these range from the smallest split system to large tonnage centrifugal and reciprocating water chillers,including all assorted equipment
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RETROFITTING Equipment installed some years ago, may now not meet the required industry standard we can offer a wide range of replacement programmes which addresses the current shortage of CFCs including the handling,conversion or replacement of existing refrigerants to non-ozone  depletion refrigerants PLANNED PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE            offers a full maintenance regime on chiller and refrigeration system including standard or fully comprehensive parts and labour. Maintenance customers are supplied with a concise record of all service visits and details of any recommendations or foreseeable problems. A 24 hour bureau monitoring service is also available for critical applications.                                                                                                            CHILLER REPAIRS                                                                                                                    a complete overhaul, repair or replacement service is available which covers all major                                                                                                              components i.e. compressors, evaporators,coolers, condensers and control panels.                                                                                                              subject to site based conditions many repairs can be carried out on situ, negating                                                                                                               the problem from high removal cost from site.
REPLACEMENT PARTS    Has access to a variety of leading manufactures spare parts, including York, Trane, McQuay,
Daikin Carrier
EMERGENCY SERVICE Engineers are on call 24 hours per day 365 days per year to ensure that system problems are solved with minimum plant downtime and with maximum efficiency
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